Thursday, April 8, 2010

One Year Letter

Dear Angel Doll Leah Katherine,

It was one year ago today that I held you in my arms for the first time, felt your soft little hands, and smelled your wonderful scent. When I first felt you in your little small blanket in Baltimore at 0420, I knew that you were special. I knew that you were meant to be our daughter, and the wonderful gift that Tasha has given us was a gift from god that was supposed to happen. I did not know how much I would come to love such a special child, and your mommy and I love you more and more every day. This year has been the best year of our lives, our family is now one, and we are both very lucky to be your parents.

The happiness and joy that you have brought to my life is so strong that I always feel it, whether I am at work or I am at home with you. When I get home in the evening after a stressful and busy day, holding you in my arms and singing to you makes everything better. Hearing you make the gratifying noise when you are falling asleep in my arms takes my breath away and often moves me to tears of happiness. It is this special feeling and bond that is love, and is something that every child should feel every day. If there is one thing that you have learned over the last year, it is that you will always be loved, no matter what.

Over the last month you have been eating much more "regular" food, have learned to be very good for daddy while mommy is away with her girlfriends, and have started to drink milk instead of your normal baby formula. You've let daddy put you down downstairs and played with your toys, for 2 whole hours the other night without as much as a sound. Daddy was glad that he was with you during the terrible thunderstorm on Monday night, you were crying and scared but he held you and comforted you until you went to sleep nice. One of your favorites games is to play with the telephone buttons when mommy is on the phone, sometimes even hanging up on people!!! Daddy has been letting you play with his badges if he sees you in the mornings before he goes to work. You've had a wonderful time with the other little kids, playing with Daniel, and crawling around with everybody on Easter when everybody came over.

Leah, every day when I wake up, the first thing I think about is you, my little princess, and how lucky I am to be your daddy. There are many times that I'd just love to come into your room and hold you and kiss you all over, but you are asleep so nice and cuddly. I think about the last year and how many nights that mommy and I were up with you, feeding you, taking care of you, or consoling you. None of it matters, it doesn't matter that it was 0100 and I had to work the next day, it doesn't matter that I had to get up many times during the night or mommy didn't get a nap on a certain day, what matters is that we have you, our wonderful precious daughter and that we love you unconditionally, forever. Some day, when you are older and you've had a bad day, things aren't going right, or you need some support, I want you to read any of these 13 letters and always remember what is in them. Keep them around and read them as many times as you need to, and then come give mommy and daddy a nice big hug, because we will always be there for you. It is you who makes the day better, it is you who came to us, and it is you who always shines like the sun through our windows. We love you sweet darling, and happy birthday.


Daddy and Mommy