Friday, January 30, 2009


The carpet tiles arrived today, so that project is ready to take place. Unfortunately, we have a ton of things to do this weekend, so it will probably happen next weekend instead, but at least they are here!

It's been a fun week--now that it seems more real, I am enjoying chatting with friends about their babies. It's nice to enjoy it and not dread hearing about babies any more--hope is a wonderful thing. We've done some window shopping online via AIM, and I must say, there are some awesome things out there for babies. I've pledged not to shop yet, but it's definitely hard!

More funds are going out this week, but more funds are coming in, as well! We've gotten our first two donations: $10 from the Stanley clan and $30 from the Hanlon clan. Thank you all! :0D Plus our RSVP list for our Pampered Chef fundraiser is looking good too. If you don't live in the area but would like to order towards our total, please let me know and I'll try to send you a link where you can do so. I believe we get 15% of the take.

A friend of Michael's at work is expecting and she and her husband are apparently terrified about the prospect of parenthood and asked if we weren't. Honestly, I'm nervous--I want to do the best job I possibly can to live up to the task. But we've been waiting so long that it's just such a relief and I'm so happy to know that we can take a crack at parenting. I think it's going to be just great, and he's going to be just great, and we're in for an adventure. The responsibility is a little awe-inspiring, but the overall feeling I have is joy.

I read a book recently with various quotes by women. Dorothy Canfield Fisher said, "A mother is not a person to lean on but a person to make leaning unnecessary." I hope I can teach this little dude to stand on his own two feet, but maybe to need me just a little bit.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Moving Along

Well, it's been a whirlwind since we got our match on Tuesday--one week ago!! We were busy getting a loan for the lion's share of the money, and now are trying to make up the last little bit. We have an attorney selected in Michigan, and are speaking with him by telephone today. Our attorney in Virginia has been notified and made sure everything was kosher, giving us the green flag to proceed.

Friday we made the big payment to the agency, and last night I came home to all the information about our match and what to expect in the coming weeks. It was a treat to read, "Act as if you were giving birth--have a suitcase packed and by the door, ready to go when you get the call." So exciting!

We will know more about everything after speaking with the attorney today. I am making a list of questions to ask--I'm a little OCD about things and need a ton of answers so we know how to proceed.

We also ordered our carpet tiles last night. Hopefully they will arrive in time to be put down this weekend. I look forward to getting the nursery put together!

More updates as they happen.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Match and Fundraising

We received news yesterday that we have been matched with a birth mom in Michigan. The great joy we feel is beyond description. We are excited to have spoken with this young woman and felt thrilled that she was of the opinion that the agency did not need to look anywhere else, she wanted us to have her son when he is born.

She is due on or around April 15th. We will name our son George Henry Kosior, but we have chosen "Jack" as a nickname for him. He's going to need some time to grow into George Henry--but it sure sounds good when you yell it ("George Henry, get upstairs and clean up your room!")!

There is so much to do in the few short months until we bring little Jack home. Among them is some major league fundraising. We have been fortunate to get a major loan from a family member, but still need to come up with another pile of cash to pay attorney's fees, travel costs, and other fees related to the adoption. We understand that many people cannot, but if you can donate a dollar or ten dollars or any amount, we would humbly appreciate it. We need to come up with roughly $5,000-$10,000 by the time we bring him home. (We are awaiting a final figure.) There is a PayPal link to the right if you are able to make a donation to the cause.

We are also actively seeking fundraising ideas! We have suggestions for a spaghetti dinner and silent auction, which a friend is working diligently on. I will be hosting a Pampered Chef fundraiser--date and time to come. Other ideas would be appreciated! It's going to be too cold for a car wash, but maybe there are other things we can do.

Thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes. We are excited to show this little guy off for the world to see.