Friday, February 12, 2010

Ten Months Already!

Dear Leah Katherine,

                It is now 10 months since we first held you in that little blanket in Baltimore at 0420 AM, which began our family.  You have made lots of progress this month, mainly you’ve started crawling more, babbling more (mostly saying “dah dah dah” and “iiiiiiya iiiiya iiiiya.”)  You have also learned to sit down all by yourself after holding on to the couch or whatever you are trying to get to.  You’ve lately been sleeping all night, lately your wake-up time has been around 0600. 

                This month you went to Atlanta and spent a few days with Uncle Mike and Auntie Lesley, where you were spoiled and you were introduced to your teapot.  Grandma and Grandpa from Rhode Island also came down to see you and even watched you while we went out for dinner.  You also went with us for dinner a couple of times with Uncle Landry and Auntie Meredith, where you were excellent the entire time.  You went and spent the day with Auntie Melissa while mom and dad were away all day with Cioci giving birth to your second cousin, William George.  You’ve been enjoying spending lots of time with Nana, as we have had so much snow that we haven’t been really able to leave the house for days.  You have been keeping us entertained with your babbling and climbing all over your mommy, and even being good for daddy while mommy went out to shovel and to the grocery store.

                You’ve really started to babble a lot more, be a bit more mobile, and have become more and more curious of what is around you.  Mommy has been still experimenting with real food to give you, and lately your favorite is sweet potatoes.  Daddy likes that you are up at 0600, since most of the time he can spend a few minutes with you and mommy before he goes to work.  Mommy also cut most of your hair off this month in an attempt to get it more under control, and everybody thinks that you look so cute.  Of course we already knew that, but it’s great to hear it from everyone else.

                Leah when we hold you in our arms it is the most special feeling in the world.  When daddy brings you up to his office and sings to you, with you falling asleep in his arms, it brings him to tears that he is so lucky to have you and be your daddy.  When mommy snuggles with you during the day and feels you on her shoulder, she feels like a million dollars to know that she is the lucky one who has the privilege to stay at home and raise you.  In the mornings we listen for the “ih, ih” and realize how thankful we are to have our daughter to love and take care of, forever and ever.  As you will learn more when you get older, there is lots of love in the Kosior house, and that you will always feel and carry with you wherever you go.  We love you darling daughter, and your progress this month is just the beginning of a life-long list of achievements that we can be proud of.


Daddy and mommy